Poetry   in   Commotion   (reallyBADpoetry)

This woman I know
I like the way she laughs--
it's always warm and relaxed
it surrounds me comfortably
and tickles me into a smile

Oh! and her smile
I like the way she smiles--
genuine & so wide it's contagious!
it splits her face right in two!

Such a curious creature
so lovely
she is both the simple girl next door
and the mysterious "woman in red"
it's impossible not to be drawn to her

No doubt about it--
I like her, very much
and I think about her
far more than I should.

Fingers running thru my hair
I'm kissing her skin--
Soft moans
forcing their way from
her throat--raspy sounds
mounting pleasure--the heat.
Soft groans
thru clenched teeth
she shudders all over
hot sensations--draining me.
I begin to tremble
she sighs my name.
Awake now--tingling
I think I recognize her body 
in the dark--but I am alone
while she sleeps somewhere
holding her own--? another--?
Obsidian ache, I'm shivering--
I try to crawl back into my dreaming
of a perfect rose--
in full bloom.

wait...   it   gets   worse...

All I want
is to cook you a few good meals
hear you laugh-- a lot
hold you when you're weary
smile when I hear your name
be the one you lean on--
when thigs get tough.

All I want
is to
be your lover
not your wife or mother--
or a nameless regret.

All I want

as we part company
you and i
     and her
a friendly
embrace goodnight-- and
i watch you walk away
     with her
the world has nothing
to offer
that quite compares
to your arms

(no title)
sitting in the bar watching you and
talking with you
felt so good... but
sometimes, when I see you
I want to run away and
hide from you...
crawl deep inside myself.
I can't look into your eyes
or you will see...
you will know the truth.
you will know how much
your laughter means
to me.

We can always wonder
what it would be like if...
if you didn't have a girlfriend
if I had better timing...
if I were a different woman
who could steal your heart away--
like some cavalier princess charming.
We can always wonder
wouldn't it... couldn't it...
shouldn't it be easier than this?
I'll always wonder
what it would be like if...

I see you there-- night after night
waiting for me
in a dream I can't forget.
There's some kind of magic here
it soothes/tortures me.
Tenderness in your eyes
softer than
a whispered lullabye...
and white heat-- a fire
which consumes my very soul.
I should run away from
those eyes-- but
something pulls me in--
I don't want to turn away
not now.
Fantasy-- safe enough
to let you get so close
to share this passion
share every secret.
Slow motion replay
night after night...
Don't wake me...

She simply walked into the bar--
and I saw it--
the flash of uncertain recognition
shadowed her face...
a look all too familiar
painfully familiar as I grow older!
Jigsaw memories trickle back:
1990? 1991?
I'm waking up/coming to
in her bed--
pulsating headache-- Southern DIS-Comfort!
Jolting reality hits hard and fast
"Good morning Honey"
I don't remember her name!
Oh, God... did I tell her
I loved her lastnight?
Affirmative, though I'm
treating her like a whore
by rushing off without another word.
I struggle to focus on
less than familiar surroundings
San Francisco? Oakland?
Fumbling with the keys,
I'm slouched behind the wheel--
aware now that
I am sore and reeking of
her too strong perfume and 
stale cigarette smoke--
and sex and latex
and cheap liquor.
I force the door open
heaving violently onto wet asphalt--
I am the epitome of
She simply walked into the bar--
hand in hand with her
"wife" of ten years now.
There is a silent exchange--
nervous smiles and terror
as I make my exit
once again, without introductions...

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